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Study World Link is one of the leading educational service provider in Asia providing varieties of services to the students. The main service provided by Study World Link is University Registration. This includes, assisting students from all over the world to study in Reputed and Globally Recognized colleges and Universities in Asia. Study World Link was founded in November 2014 to help Asian students to find suitable Colleges and Universities in Asia. And in 2016, Study World Link became the largest student recruiter from India to Malaysia. At the same time, Study World Link recruited students from more than 15 countries as well. Study World Link has branches in three countries (India, Malaysia and Bangladesh) and sub-agents and official representatives in more than 20 countries including Central Asia, Middle East and Africa. Following the great success in the University registration, Study World Link launched IELTS Master in 2017; a platform to assist students to prepare for IELTS Tests.


Admission Procedure 

We offer guidance throughout the entire admission process to ensure a complete, error free application for the students along with consistent followups with Universities to ensure expedited admissions.


Admission Complete   

Our associates will provide all necessary post landing assistance to ensure smooth transition in the new country which includes services like Airport pickup, accommodation and guidance on part time jobs.


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Student Success 

We are partners with top MNCs to provide assistance to potential students to easily get into top level job positions in reputed companies. eir aptitude, interests, academic and financial background.

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Study Beyond Borders

Migration & Skill Migration

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