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MBBS Universities in Belarus

about MBBS in Belarus for Indian Students 2019

You shouldn’t wonder knowing that more than 15,000 overseas students opt to study MBBS in Belarus every year. MBBS admission in Belarus is a remarkable option for medical aspirants from India as there will be no donation and no entrance exams for seeking access to MBBS course in Belarus. Belarus is a beautiful country which invests a significant portion of its budget on education to uplift its standards as per settled international norms. That’s the reason why international students pursuing MBBS in Belarus acquire sufficient academic brilliance as well as practical knowledge of their field.

With an uncomplicated process for MBBS admission in Belarus and advanced technology, Belarus is no less than any other European nation when it comes to delivering the best in class medical education through top MBBS universities in Belarus. Whether it’s lower tuition fees, affordable living costs, welcoming natives or an excellent environment, MBBS in Belarus is incredible and far better than MBBS in India. In addition to that, the natural beauty of this gorgeous country will add much to your MBBS in Belarus drive.

MBBS Universities in Belarus

1.Belarussian State
Medical University

2.Vitebsk State Medical

3.Gomel State Medical

Duration for Studying MBBS in Belarus

Tix years (first five years for academic education + 1-year for the internship).

Please fill our online application form and will will get back to you on all the requirements needed to MBBS study in Belarus. 

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Belarus

  • The candidate must be 17+ and below 25 on or before 31st of the admission year.

  • The candidate must have obtained 55% marks in 10+2.

  • The candidate must have PCB and English subjects at +2 levels.

  • Candidates belonging to OBC, ST or SC categories need 45% marks in +2.

  • The candidate must have qualified NEET.

To know more about Eligibility Criteria, you can contact us at Study World Link.

Intake for MBBS Course in Belarus

The session for MBBS in Belarus begins in September. You better apply to a Belarusian university in July-August as the seats are allocated on the first come first served basis.

Required Documents For MBBS Admission in Belarus 2019-2020

  1. University fee. (Show money at airport)

  2. Medical fitness certificate. (Original. should be printed and not be written by hand. Stamped properly)

  3. Valid travel passport

  4. Original Secondary School Certificates

  5. Birth certificate

  6. 6 photos 4X6cm

Admission Procedure and details for Studying MBBS in Belarus

We have made it simple for you by deconstructing the application procedure step-wise to enable you to accomplish your fantasy of turning into a Doctor:

  1. Fill the application or get it filled by us on the web.

  2. Submit the checked duplicates of your identification and other essential reports to the imminent Universities through the online affirmation entry.

  3. Collect the affirmation letter from the University (Within 10 working days) through their online confirmation entryway.

  4. After the affirmation of confirmation, the movement methodology will start.

  5. Once you get the welcome letter from the University please visit Embassy of the Republic of Belarus (within one month).


MBBS Universities in Belarus : MBBS in Belarus 2019 Fees Structure

Name of the University                              Tuition Fees / Year                 Hostel Fees / Year

Belarussian State
Medical University                                        4100 USD                                        600 USD

Vitebsk State Medical
University                                                       4600 USD                                       800 USD

Gomel State Medical
University                                                       3500 USD                                       400 USD


MBBS in Belarus is a great opportunity but before that we must know that

what is actually MBBS course is about.


MBBS is equal to bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery.

This course gives you an opportunity to become a doctor and practice anywhere in the world provided you studied well.

It is all about the overall medical health of humans and you learn anatomy of human body and how to treat the health issues.

You must choose this area of study if you feel yourself a caring person because doctors play major role in the society and everybody somehow and sometimes need a doctor for health issues.

Doctors are well respected in the society as their profession is to serve the people in case of any health problem and every human respects the person who is a helper.

It is very vast field and has a lot of areas of study with no end.

After completing your medical education you may join any specialization field of your interest and than you become a specialist.

MBBS graduates work in government or private sector and may practice in any country.These graduates are highly paid and are highly demanded everywhere in the world.

MBBS degree opens many door for your practical life but it all depends on your studies that how much interest you had in your course during your academic career.

In fact bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery are not two different degrees and are earned together and you become a doctor.

You may join MBBS degree program only if you have studied chemistry and biology during your secondary school education and for some countries requirement is 10+2 years like India and Pakistan as medical profession is of great value everywhere and a loving profession.



In case you are looking for a good medical college or university abroad than Belarus should be your priority admission destination.

Medical education in Belarus is of huge value due to degree recognition worldwide and WHO approved.

Many international students come to join their MBBS degree program in Belarus from almost every country of the world.

Mostly students come from India,Nigeria,Ghana,Pakistan,Zambia,Zimbabwe,Sri Lanks,Morocco,Jordan,Turkey,Iran,Namibia,Cameroon,Turkmenistan,Azerbaijan,Uzbekistan and many more.

Why these students choose Belarus for their medical education.This is because when they compare with other European countries,They find it much affordable with quality medical education in Belarus for international students.

After graduating from a medical university in Belarus they always have opportunities to work abroad or in their own country.

At present more than 2000 international students are studying their MBBS degree in Belarus and it proves the high quality standard of medical education in Belarus.

After graduating from Belarus international students always have opportunities to study further for their specialization in Belarus or abroad.

In Belarus clinical residency program for medicine graduates lasts for 2-3 years and medium of instructions for post graduation after MBBS is Russian.

They may also apply in UK or USA for their specialization plan as the degree in medicine they earned is WHO recognized so it allows them to go for their specialization anywhere they like.


1:Mostly international students come from the countries where the official language is English and they want to study in English medium of instructions.Belarus offers the MBBS course fully in English medium of instructions for them so no need to learn Russian language and they may join directly their MBBS program in English medium of instructions.

2:Normally if you want to study any course abroad in English medium of instructions ,you must have IELTS or TOEFL results but for MBBS admission in Belarus for international students you do not need any English language test.

3:MBBS degree from Belarus is internationally recognized so you may practice anywhere in the world after graduating from Belarus in general medicine.Belarus medical universities are government owned and recognized by WHO.

4:Admission for MBBS in Belarus  for international students is very easy and there are no complications like in other European countries.Belarus offers a free merit system for medical students.

5:Medical education in Belarus is not that expensive like in other European countries that is why international students prefer to study their MBBS in Belarus.

6:In Belarus modern techniques are used for teaching practicals during the medical education and the teaching staff is quite professional to prepare the best future doctors.

7:Every university has its own hostels and all hostels are well equipped with daily life facilities like WI-FI,Laundry,Cable TV etc etc.

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