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Malaysia is rapidly establishing itself as a popular study hub to get tertiary education with more than 60,000 international students from more than 100 countries. It has become the center of academic and higher education excellence in the region. Some reasons why international students choose Malaysia includes:


High Quality Education

The quality of Malaysian universities is underlined by both the variety of institutions that make up the country’s higher education system and their overall performance in international rankings. In the 2012 QS World University Rankings, 14 Malaysian universities featured in the Top 300*. 


Good career propsects

Malaysia’s internationally recognized broad-based curriculum and high-quality education equips overseas students with relevant qualifications to succeed in a competitive global environment.


Easy of obtaining a visa

The Malaysian Government policy, through the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and the support of the Immigration Department of Malaysia, is to encourage international students to study in institutions of higher learning in Malaysia.

malaysian government scholarship-SWL.png

Scholarship opportunities

Malaysian Government scholarships are offered by the Malaysian Public Service Department, the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), state governments and several government-linked corporations as well as the private sector.


Low cost of living and tuition fees

A major advantage for international students when choosing to study in Malaysia is the low cost of living and tuition fees. The cost of living in Kuala Lumpur ranked a respectable 102 in the 2012 Mercer Cost of Living Survey*, which ranks cities from most expensive to least expensive.

Multicultural society-Aboard-Educatoin-S

Multicultural society

Malaysians embrace their diversity and co-exist in peace and harmony. Often described as a ‘melting pot’ of races, religions and culture, the population consists of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians and scores of tribal communities. 

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