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Second Tashkent medical institute



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In 1990, the Republic of Uzbekistan's cabinet ministers built two medical institutes based on old and new Tashmi structures. The first Tashkent medical academy and the second Tashkent medical academy are both located in Tashkent. The second Tashkent Medical Academy's MBBS programme is based on the goal of producing highly qualified specialists through the acquisition of clinical skills. Under authorisation on ecological and human health, the academy has enacted the "On coordination and monitoring of research works." The academy has seven different scientific committees in operation. Introduction of Second Tashkent State Medical Institute.

General Medicine, Pedagogy, and Nursing were among the first faculties to open at the academy, with a total of 4662 students. The institution educates around 765 postgraduates and 205 physicians. In comparison to other medical institutes, the second Tashkent medical institute has a relatively modest fee structure. The entrance procedures at the second Tashkent medical institute are likewise straightforward.


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